Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Word of Advice for the DIY'ers

As I have begun this project I wonder if I'm nuts(like my hubby thinks.)  First off, putting the wood putty in the cracks between the particleboard went well....however....if you plan to stain said flooring, please, and I say again...PLEASE check your weather report first and plan for a dry, sunny few days.  I, however, did not. I put the dark walnut stain down with a roller....when it was still a bit tacky, I put another coat down.....Had the windows open....and it started raining...thus this is the result:
a wet, tacky, floor. Did anyone tell me I should have put it down with a brush or rag and wiped it good as I did?  NOOOO~~~(not even the person I consulted at Lowe's). I have waited several days and still cannot walk on it without sticking to the floor...heeeee  So, the creative, and I like to think... smart, woman that I am, I started thinking about what would dry up oil. I know cat litter will, but being as I am about out of it for my cats, I went with rice.......
my daughter and I put on a pair of old shoes and "danced" all over the floor, rubbing it in well in the most wet spots...  IT'S WORKING!!!!! I am going to "dance" a bit more, (Lord knows I could use the exercise) and then vacuum it up.....then I will be able to paint my design in the middle of the floor. Once that's all dry, poly will follow(and you better believe I will check the weather report first....pics to follow.

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  1. it was fun..it was like skating :) I am commenting on your post....:):)