Friday, December 2, 2011

A Christmas/everyday lesson in love

     So, my friends, I am going to give you a "lesson in love" that I have just remembered/relearned this morning, that hopefully many of you already know, or haven't lost touch of.

     I have two best friends that I have had since elementary school. One, I lost touch with for many years to be rekindled with several year ago. We all three picked up right where we left off as if she had never been "missing in action". 

     We all three love the same things: violets, perfume bottles, junking. When we get together we love to go junking and hunting that one illusive item that the other two will be jealous of...haaa  (not really)

     One friend is going through a troubled marriage right now and is finding it hard to get away from home. The one that was "lost" is a single woman who's husband passed soon after we found her again. She swears she never wants another man. However....

     She emailed me several weeks ago and asked if she came to my town would I meet her for lunch. I, actually brushed her off, not meaning to, but with the medication I take I have a very bad short term memory. I live further away from the both of them. They live closer to each other and have seen each other fairly often without me. 

     I always go through depression when the "holidays" begin, and this year is no different. I am a big homebody and do not like to attend any kind of functions, but with the holidays a lot is required, with big family get-togethers, church functions, etc. My house is a wreck with my trying to remodel parts of it myself, my Coastie and her fiance are coming in for a couple days, our big Christmas party is due the 17 of this month..... I'm a wreck.

     I got an email from the once lost friend this morning. I had truly hurt her feelings by brushing her off. She is feeling like I had rather see the other "old shoe" friend, etc. etc.  So.....she opened my eyes.

     I now have plans to travel to her home for the weekend of the 10th and 11th, hopefully the other friend will be able to come over and we will have a Girls Time, like we have always loved to do.

     The lesson, my friends, is...don't let the pressure of anything become greater than old friends. They will never leave nor forsake you, they will never judge you, they will always be there for you, they will always love you despite how you are or have become. They will open your eyes.

     Today, I am remembering all that Jesus is, really IS the reason for the season. Take time for the true meaning of Christmas and everyday. Put people first, especially family and friends. Rekindle old relationships, refresh current ones, and love them like there is no tomorrow...

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  1. you are so have a best friend actually a sister so really both....i dont judge her and she doesn't judge me and we both are their for each other even thou...she lives far away from are so right:):):) love you:)