Thursday, December 22, 2011

Actually....what can I share?

I thought yesterday was the 22nd....geeze! So much going on I have lost track of my days. Looks like a hot, sunny Christmas in the South. Perhaps the snow will make it in January. (keeping fingers crossed)  

So many of the bloggers I follow have free graphics, giveaways, etc...and I was thinking, what do I have to give? Now, let me tell you, that takes some soul searching. I have lots of "stuff" around her, stuff I need to sell, or donate, yet so many of my "things" are special in one way or the other. Which brings me to what is really special.

Life.  Life is so special, so wonderful, so beautiful. How often do we take the time to just be thankful for our lives? I know I take a lot for granted each day. But, I can't give "LIFE".

What comes next? Peace? Sure, peace is the one gift that each of us can give to each other...peace comes in many forms, a smile, a nice greeting, being together, doing something special for a shut-in....ummmmm saying thank you to the many bloggers who give so much of their time, their talents, their love. So, thank you...each and every one who reads this...thank you for being you. May God richly bless you in love, peace and goodwill during His Season and into the New Year.   peace.....noah


  1. This is my favorite post i have read that you posted....and you spelled here wrong you put you....clyde put a router connected to there computer so i can get interent on my laptop

  2. thank you darling..miss and love u