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I live near Columbia, South Carolina
I was born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina. I have Cherokee blood in my veins and I still remember my grandmother "trying" to teach me a lot of the Indian ways...sure do wish I had listened more.  I do rem. some things tho, like growing "yellow root"; it is good to use for a sore mouth, upset stomach, etc., and yes I grow it in my woods. 

I am a very spiritual person believing the one quote from the Bible that I hold dear.."I am the way, the truth, and the light, no one comes to the Father except through Me." I pray and He listens and when He knows the time is right, He answers my prayers, and that is the only way I could survive. I hear people saying that "what's the use to pray, God never answers my prayers anyway?"  Not a good way to look at things. God knows what's best for us...thus the song, "Unanswered Prayers" speaks the truth of it, besides the Bible of course.

I have been blessed with a wonderful, loving family. A loving, smart husband, five daughters of my own and five daughters of my husbands. We have been married since 1999 and all 10 girls came together as if they had been sisters all their lives. (You can breathe now, cause we only have one at home and she's grown..haaaa)

 I have the two best friends that anyone could ever hope for and we have been best buds since elementary school. I only wish we 3 all lived closer. 

I have lived in North Carolina, Washington, Oklahoma, and now South Carolina. I do miss the mountains.

I have "visited" Washington DC, Baltimore, Boston, New Hampshire, Maine,Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, California, Texas and Florida. That doesn't count all the states we traveled through going to Washington State.

I love being outside, cold or hot. I love snow. Praying for a nice one again this year.  I paint, sew(no adult clothing, just dolls). I love to garden, especially flowers.  I refinish furniture and I love to read when I find the time.  I am writing a book, mostly fiction, based on the times, some of the people, ways and feelings of the mountains several years before my time. It is called "The Screen Door" and I have about 300 pages so far. Perhaps it will be published one day.  I write poetry, enjoy photography, and dabble with a lot of things. I love taking something that anyone else would throw in the trash and make something wonderful out of it....odd, yet beautiful things.

I enjoy facebook, emailing my two best friends, getting in touch with high school friends, and researching all my collectibles (and I have quite a few...from old locks and keys to perfume bottles, to lots of beautiful wild violet porcelain. I love going junking, (especially with my two best friends because we all 3 share the same love. I love digging in old abandoned dumps...don't say "yuk" until you've had your first "real" find. We're talking "digging in the dirt"...haaaaa

I'm just a mountain-country girl... I love having fun, visiting new places and being a bit reckless at time. I am hoping to share some of my love of art, old things, new things, etc. here. I plan to try my hand at selling here, and possibly on ebay...through PayPal, of course. If you have any wonderful ideas that would be of help, please let me know...

Wish me luck!  Noah (and I am a female)

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