Thursday, November 10, 2011

sorta dreary day


Here in the South we say things like: "sorta and reckon".....I didn't/don't realize I have the Southern Slang until I recently visited my Coastie who is stationed up North. I had quite a few fun conversations...haaaaa

Still working on my flooring, while refinishing tables, etc. to go in the room. The china cabinet is on standby until I'm certain what I want to do for sure.

It's getting down to freezing by tomorrow night and I still have about 8 or so big plants I have to bring in off my covered deck. Now, where I'm going to put them still remains to be seen. Last year, the two places I had them, I also had grow lights over them, but they did not like those lights at all.  So...we shall have to see. I hate it when they drop their leaves from the stress of bringing them inside.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day...hugs, noah

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