Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So far the flooring is doing pretty good. My idea is to do everything I can to get the smell out of the particleboard, then I will stain it a dark stain. Then apply a coat of lacquer. When it is dry I plan to paint a Compass Rose of some design in the middle of the floor. I am still deciding on which design to use. Probably paint stripes around the edge of the floor. I plan to distress the "rose",then another coat of lacquer; perhaps several. I will give it my own technique of course and make it a bit different...maybe colour perhaps? What do ya'll think of this design?

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  1. woman you are crazy we are going to have hard flooring down so why paint something on the wood if we can't see it....but that's you and i can't stop you from doing it.......love you mom