Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not just a New Year's resolution....who's with me?

Hello fellow bloggers....I am about to undertake a life-changing adventure.  After visiting my family doctor today, and reluctantly crawling upon the scales, I made the mistake of mentioning to my doctor that after a long night of fasting for blood work, I thought they should provide light snacks for us. His dry remark hit me hard: "....and you say THAT after getting off the scales?" 

He proceeded to ask me what I was going to do about my weight. My cholesterol has been high for a couple of years and I have been on medication for it, though eating what the heck I wanted to. My glucose levels are not very impressive either. SHAME ON ME!  Now, look where I'm at?

So, the very first thing I'm going to do is start walking again.  Me being a Southerner and loving my sweet tea, I'm in deep trouble. Artificial sweetener doesn't agree with my stomach so, I'm going to have to find something I can satisfy my sweet tooth with. I love water, but just grab the tea jug instead. I reckon I'm in for a hard time.

I see my doctor ever six months and my great plan is to surprise him, tho, I must admit, I'm a very weak person when it comes to sticking to any sort of diet or exercise.  With my age and weight(and all things in between) creeping up all too quickly, I think I must set small goals and reach them, then moving onto another small goal. Large goals are just too impossible for a weakling like myself.

If you're in the same old row boat with holes in it like me, maybe we can do something together. I am also thinking about joining Weight Watchers Online. Right now, until March, you join free with a 3 month plan. 18 bucks and some few cents per month....I can afford that. But it will only work if I do as the plan says. Let me know if you think you might like to take this challenge with me. We can do it together and encourage each other.  ...hugs, "big" noah

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