Friday, January 6, 2012


As I posted earlier, this simple china cabinet belonged to my mother. We lived in the mountains of NC and really didn't have much in the way of what a lot of people call "nice" stuff. My uncle made this simple cabinet for her. He stained it and put a heavy coat of poly over it. She had a very small space to put it.

Now that my sweet mother is spending her time with the angels, I knew she wouldn't mind me making it more to my taste. It had "1980's" hardware on it and I just didn't like the knobs. I had found these old hand made knobs at an old house I helped clean out and I like them on it.

I started painting the teapots on it that I had originally planned. I drew, painted, etc. for several days until I realized it was not going to look very good where I had plans to set it, due to it being seen from the living room. I painted it a dark olive, sanded a lot of the paint off it letting the teapots, etc. kinda shine through as if it had been painted that way years ago. I love it. So, I guess if I like it that's what counts, huh?  The only thing that I want to do is put a nice coat of dark Old English over it so the wood that is shinning through will be a darker color. I have my vintage bowls, etc. in the top. I have my mother's set of china stored in the bottom, another thing I have never had a taste for, but it was hers and I would never get rid of it. I am more into setting a table with vintage plates of different patterns and colors....guess the "country girl" really is coming's my outcome....up to this point anyway.

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