Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today I am embroidering on towels. Not an easy job due to the texture of the things.  This is for a friend to give as a gift at a bridal shower for a couple that have a little dog that they both hold dear. Thus the ends of the towels will say:
Pretty Girl, as that is the dogs name.

What I really need and want is a sewing machine that will do embroidery. "Hey, Santa, you hear me?"

I have started so many project around the house and none are finished, so I have to start concentrating on finishing something before I start something else.

I'm ripping up old carpet to put down tiles in my dining room, which we never use, to make it into a "Woman Cave" for me and my daughter. I will have my computer, my sewing machine, my paints and crafting things, a small tv with DVD player, and probably the pet rabbit in her big cage. That's about all I will have room for except an old vintage chair that I have covered(and lacks a bit to finish it up)...see what I'm saying?  I have to get organized! HELP!!!


  1. LOL. Don't we all - have to get organized. I'm in what used to be our bedroom when my better half expelled me and my 'studio' from the living room. She wanted it back. You might like to look at some of my other FREE mail art. They are all labelled. My wife has all of them in an album, except for 15 which are framed so that they can be exhibited.

    And thank you for the comment. I always try to follow up when someone visits and is courteous (and brave) enough to leave a comment.

  2. You go girl, every gal should have their own space to create in!
    I've got good news Noah, you are the winner of the Caged Raven necklace giveaway on my blog. I liked the creative Halloween costume you described! Please email me your address. My email is: Tootieu@yahoo.com and I'll get it sent out to you.

  3. I simply cannot wait to get my "Raven"....thank you so much Melissa...